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AGB Training - Australia

Situated in Geelong, Australia, AGB Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) which provides a range of courses to satisfy the requirements of individuals and organisations from a broad spectrum of industries.  AGB welcomes international students into all of our diverse course options, each of which has been developed to act as a pathway from education into industry and involves numerous opportunities to gain work experience and increase professional awareness. AGB Training equips graduates with an internationally respected qualification, in the areas of Community Services, Leadership and Management, Marketing, Business, Civil Construction Design, Logistics, Spoken and Written English.

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31 Barwon Terrace

South Geelong, VIctoria 3220


Unique Course Options

An alternative study option to university, our Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses are designed in collaboration with industry professionals, allowing students to gain invaluable insight as well as the skills and knowledge they need to succeed within their chosen discipline.  Continual development of our learning pathway programs, within and across our training package qualifications, ensures that our students can develop and grow as they progress through their lifelong learning journey. In addition, we focus on assisting business to develop their workforce skills and knowledge, and to meet the internal and external drivers that affect their productivity, compliance and internal expansion.

Practical, Relevant Course Material

All courses offered at AGB have been developed and validated according to current industry standards and contain content which is based on authentic, ‘real-life’ scenarios. Students are not only taught how to complete tasks but are also afforded the opportunity to make use of their skills and knowledge.


Expert Trainers

Dedicated, highly qualified trainers are responsible for supporting all students enrolled at AGB Training for the duration of their journey, delivering course material via blended learning techniques, including classroom based and flexible online delivery.  AGB strives to ensure that each student has access to the highest quality of educational experience possible; various support services, such as student counsellors and administration and enrolment officers are available at all times to offer advice on issues as diverse as academic challenges, friendship problems and language barriers.

Stunning Location

Those who choose to study with AGB Training are lucky enough to be able to immerse themselves in the heart of Geelong, Australia. Surrounded by stunning surf beaches and majestic rain forests, students have ample opportunity to relax and enjoy their enviable environment when away from their studies. A mere 72 kilometres (45 miles) from Melbourne, the region is home to an array of attractions to suit individuals of all tastes and interests, offering a synthesis of the benefits of a lively cosmopolitan city and the relaxed atmosphere of a coastal town. 

At AGB Training we recognise that it is not a case of one size fits all; each individual brings with them their own set of skills and knowledge, we cater for students needs through a range of delivery options including blended learning, flexible online delivery, class room and external delivery. 


The extent of our scope offers flexibility to focus on the needs and desired outcomes of the individual student.  For more information please visit our website www.agb.edu.au, call +61 3 5221 2611, or email international@agb.edu.au.