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A role that found me

By Ankit

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Of the many amazing things I experienced after moving to Geelong as a fresh international student, the most unexpected and rewarding experience was that of my role as a Study Geelong Ambassador. I did not know what I had to offer until I was inspired by my fellow friend, colleague, housemate, and former Ambassador, Sharavati who graciously introduced me to the Study Geelong Ambassador program and the wonderful team. Thereon I was allowed to observe and understand the work they did, and I found myself wanting to part of it.

Ankit and Sharavati

By the time the opportunity arrived, I was convinced that I had a lot to offer and a lot to learn from this program and was elated to have been selected. All of this happened at the heel of 2020 and none of us had any clue of what was in store for the next year. 2020 caught us by surprise and may have slowed us down but it couldn’t stop us. That was the core of Study Geelong, to adapt, to help, to support and grow together. We sought out every opportunity to reach out and to stay connected and this would not be possible without our driving force Simone. My colleagues were just as driven, compassionate, and talented, from whom I learned a lot and whose company I cherish.

Ankit 1

We simultaneously took part in a mentoring program where I had the privilege to be mentored by Helen S. who has a wealth of knowledge backed by a strong personality and career. Additionally, we took part in several online activities and events that kept us engaged and connected over the period.

ambassador fun 2.jpg

Throughout my tenure, I saw myself grow in a positive and encouraging environment and this experience is something I’ll carry with me for a long time to come.