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All Books Aside Please

By Joan

Monday, 24 June 2019

Who doesn’t like a break from books? After that long draining assignment, that terrific exam that just got you worn out completely. So let’s talk fun today. Most of the time as international students, we do have a hard time navigating a new environment especially if we don’t have any help. From one international student to another, I would like to share a few things that can help you relax and have fun outside the normal school and work activities. I am not a guru at this but let’s go on this bumpy ride together.


We are all foodies in one way or another especially when you find the right meal, uummhh yummy. Geelong has a good number of fantastic food joints.  Like any other student we are all trying to survive, eat a fantastic meal and save some coins at the same time. Well I like trying something outside the box. I don’t know about you guys but it’s really great. Well where else other that the restaurants and franchises that are always wide open can you try?. From Indian to Asian to Italian food, we have a bunch to choose from in Geelong. Many of the prices range from $10 to $20 which is fantastic, but you can go more upmarket too for that special occasion. So grab that foodie partner of yours and get on that food testing adventure and remember to take your taste buds on an experience they will never forget. Some of the places include; Little Chef Indian Restaurant, Asian Fusion Bistro and La Porchetta Geelong. One more thing, we all have a sweet tooth and the Miss Gina Gelato has got you some nice ice cream and when that birthday is coming up you can hit up The Cheesecake shop. Thank me later.

Now that I have got you salivating, let’s  go on for an ADVENTURE AND TOURISM Ride.

We all want to explore new places around our environment. I know it’s freezing at the moment but that doesn’t mean fun is over.  You can go roller skating at the Roller Way Newtown. and hey there are games  all over at the moment. Other things include bowling and much more indoor games at the Barwon Valley Activity Centre. 

Who is looking forward for that summer break even though winter has just begun? Well in summer, we have the beaches to visit in Geelong and the surrounding area has a tone of beaches you can visit. There are also swimming pools like the Leisurelink so don’t throw away your costumes. We also have boat riding that happens on the Barwon River as well as bike riding. So if you want to try out some of these things, as well as getting in shape, Geelong has uncountable gyms to help you get those summer bodies. From the Deakin Active to the Goodlife, the Fernwood among others that are in close distance.   


Come on people every university student enjoys night life. Relax and let out your inner self with amazing dance moves, acting or singing if you have the voice. Turning up is a word most are familiar with on that weekend after along week. We all count down the hours on Friday don’t we? Well The Deck, Denny’s Kitchen just to mention but a few have your back. Most of the clubs are open from 9pm to 3 pm. Well do not drink and drive and drink responsibly, you can always use a taxi instead and remember to inform people where you are because safety is important guys. If you don’t club it doesn’t mean you cannot have night life, for Geelong has cinemas that you can watch the movies as soon as they are released. Noo one likes missing out on anything as spoilers wont spare you one bit. So get that ticket from either the Reading cinema in Waurn Pounds or the Village Cinema in the CBD for only $11. Trust me it’s worth it.