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Geelong - City, Coast & Country - A Great Place to Study

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Studying beyond Melbourne in a place such as Geelong that combines city, coast and country is an obvious choice to me, but then I am biased. I have lived here most of life and despite enjoying studying and working overseas, I have always come home to Geelong.

So I sought the opinion of someone who is a more recent arrival to Geelong, Shingi Nyabonda, from Zimbabwe, who is studying agribusiness at Marcus Oldham College.

I asked Shingi what attracted him to Study at Marcus Oldham and what he liked about Geelong.

Shingi said the biggest incentives were the proximity to my house and the flexible structure of the course.

"The first two years of the course are full time and in the final year there is the option of undertaking study part time over two years or one year with intensives," explained Shingi.

"The Marcus Oldham community provides good exposure to the Australian agricultural industry in the global context and also provides opportunities for networking", said Shingi.

"Geelong is a nice place. It is easy going, not as busy and close to the coast. There is a great sense of camaraderie and this has made my stay easier," stated Shingi. "People put their hand up to help and there are lots of opportunities to participate in the community."

Shingi provided some insights for new students to assist them during their stay in Geelong.

"Don't get distracted with all there is on offer and lose focus. Keep the projection of the future in the back of your mind," he said. "Get involved in activities, meet people and be a part of what is going on around you. This will help you demonstrate the skills you have and an opportunity to make a difference where you are living."

Studying overseas gives you exposure to different ways of doing things and Shingi is embracing the experience."The biggest parts about leaving your home are that your experiences travel with you and you can take the exposure back when you leave- ideas, food, beliefs, lifestyles and values," Shingi explained.

"My bigger vision is to link up what is happening with agriculture at home with what is occurring in Australia and bridge the gap. There is more potential at home. I want to get Zimbabwe back on the map in the world agriculture context, for Zimbabwe to be a world player again."

Moving away from home to study overseas can be a bold step, as I have personally experienced. The benefits however, as outlined by Shingi, can be so rewarding, even life changing.