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Let's go on a Tour

By Joan

Thursday, 02 May 2019

As an international student, we often plan to explore the country we are studying in and get the most out of it as both students and tourists. Geelong has a good number of attraction sites to visit during breaks.

Today I will take you on my little tour to the National Wool Museum. The museum is located on Moorabool Street opposite Westfield Shopping Centre. It is easily accessible with any bus that stops at the Moorabool St bus exchange. When you arrive at the reception, you will meet the friendly and welcoming staff. The entry prices are very affordable at $10 and if you have a concession or you are a student, it is $8.

Sand in the City

On the ground floor, there is the museum shop with a variety of woollen clothes and jewellery. As you walk into the museum, you will be welcomed by the beautiful Sand in the City installation. The room gives you a beautiful vibe of a city next to the beach. The place has nice relaxing tents, sand pits, Lego and an amazing structure of a building made with sand. It also has a list of all beaches in Geelong and the Surf Coast on one of the walls with a little history on each of them. You can also write an experience about your favourite beach. This interactive display is on until 19 May, 2019.


Sand City


As I walked up the stairs, I got an opportunity to see how rugs are made.  The rugs are beautifully displayed on the walls. The same floor has a room where there are statues that show how the sheep are shorn. The room is also fitted with screens showing how the shearing is done. I learned that the are eight types of merino sheep in Australia and all of them have a history. The room next to that shows how socks can be knitted and there is a machine to give it a try.




The fourth floor is the most fantastic place in the museum. Beautiful award-winning photographs of animals from all corners of the world are displayed on the walls. Each picture has the story of the photographer and the animal. It’s a shame I could not take photos since it was prohibited due to copyright, but below is an allowed panoramic view.The Wildlife Photographer of the Year 54 exhibition is on until 14 July 2019.


The trip was so amazing, and my favourite places were the animal pictures and the sand city. I honestly encourage you to give the tour a chance. It will only take you an hour to visit all the places in the museum. The museum is opened everyday of the week. I hope you enjoy your experiences.