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The Light of Movement and Sound By Luigi Vescio & Andy O'Connor, For Geelong After Dark 2017, May 5th.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Live sound-scape construction, contemporary dance and light manipulation meet in Andy and Luigi’s multifaceted work, which seeks to bring to light the flux between the contemporary and the everyday, whilst exploring the interconnectivity of sound and movement. There will be three performances of the work over the course of the night at Geelong After Dark, May 5.

Luigi and Andy are continuing to develop the artistic relationship they established in 2016 while working on a performance entitled 'There Is So Much More', which was supported by The Australian Council For The Arts, Chunky Move, The Australian Government and Dancehouse and their work 'Human Together', which was produced for Bodyconference 1.0.

Andy and Luigi have been friends for years. "I think that in many ways this friendship drives our relationship as artists," explained Andy. "We are respectful of one another, while also willing to challenge each other."

"Our openness and honesty both creatively and personally allows us to create our best work together. The Light of Movement and Sound is a development of our creative relationship, intended to be an honest window into how we work, and we don’t want to hide anything from the audience. We’re working with some fascinating instruments and equipment in real-time to experiment with interactions between sound, light and movement. We’re so thrilled to present this work in the beautiful city of Geelong," said Andy.

Luigi is excited to see the development of their ideas as they manifest over the coming weeks leading up to the performances. "We’ve curated a bunch of ingredients that have a lot of potential. Light will act as both a response and facilitator of these explorations to at times amplify, focus or drive creative control," Luigi stated.

"The performance presents carefully defined ingredients in an installation setting where we are free to improvise and play with these events. Andy and I will experiment with these elements as individual entities that require constant negotiation. How will the shared agreement of our artistic vision dictate the compositional direction, and in doing so challenge our artistic histories, interests and assumptions of form?”

Luigi has most recently worked as a performer in the acclaimed Chunky Move show 'Anti-Gravity' by Anouk Van Djik, while Andy has most recently produced and performed an original work entitled 'The Line'.

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photo credit: Jordan Palamara