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The Hill Mountain Bike Park Geelong

By Roni

Monday, 26 June 2017

I believe it was last year that I saw the mountain bike track on the corner of Shannon Avenue and West Fyans Street first being constructed. Originally, it was just a grassy hill, which has been left undeveloped because of its steep slope. This is why it interested me so much last year to see a few earth-moving machines playing around in mud last year. I thought, “What could they possibly be trying to build here? It’s too steep to build much not to mention any suitable parking spaces.”

Over the next few days, on my route to work, I would take note of the digger’s progress as they moved ever so slowly along the steep slope, still clueless to their ultimate goal. They were strangely weaving up and down the slope, and making mounds in very odd places. After a few weeks, it became clear they were building some form of track. Wait, a bike track! I solved it! I felt slightly excited as I thought to myself, “That will be fun. I should try it out when it is finished.”

Well, it’s been a quite a while now, considering it is the middle of 2017 and I still haven’t tried it out. I should try it…sometime.