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Friends Program

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Code of Conduct and Values

Participants will:

  1. connect at least fortnightly and be punctual or give adequate notice if a change is required
  2. be respectful of each other’s beliefs whether personal, religious or cultural
  3. provide a safe and friendly environment and experience.
  4. be interested and open to sharing their culture and learning the culture of others
  5. maintain confidentiality and privacy
  6. respect each other's opinion and rights
  7. only meet with each other in accordance with State mandated COVID-19 guidance and regulations (COVID Regulations)
  8. uphold the program’s values of:
    • Integrity – act ethically and fairly, and with honesty and transparency
    • Reliability – commit to do what is agreed to
    • Respect – strive to understand others so that their feelings, wishes, and rights are regarded.
    • Diversity – celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and embrace diversity in people’s backgrounds, values, and opinions, recognising them as a source of inspiration that enriches our community
    • Responsibility - be accountable for our actions and consequence and socially responsible members, carefully considering our environment and the people around us.