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Geelong is a welcoming city,

where you can live adventure

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Your learning adventure starts here!




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Education City

There is no other second tier city quite like Geelong in Australia in terms of making the most of our opportunities. Our rich history can be told through the amazing architecture that you will see throughout the city as we were founded on the gold and wool booms of the 18th Century.

Nowdays Geelong has transformed into a smart city based on education, health and research. We call Australia 'The Lucky Country' and there is no where that expresses this more than Geelong.

Geelong is truly is an education city with a wide range of education providers and study pathways. When you move here you will be well looked after by the institution you enrol with and be welcomed into our community. We want you to make the most of the opportunities available, have a sense of belonging and try new experiences.


Versatile Geelong is suitable for the cosmopolitan person who likes living in the inner city, as well as for those who enjoy better the tranquillity and views of the coastal or rural areas.

Are you the Cosmopolitan-type? Then you should head to Pakington Street, Geelong West,  full of nice coffee shops, bars and boutiques, or the CBD, offering many different gastronomic experiences such as the growing Little Malop precinct or the relaxing Waterfront, where you won’t only have delicious food, you will be eating with a view!

If you prefer a coastal outlook, then head to The Bellarine.


Rich in History, Art & Culture

If you are into arts, you can soak up the heritage via Australian artists at the Geelong Art Gallery or learn why sheep were so important for the economy of the city at The National Wool Museum.

Vibrant Events & Festivals

Geelong is a vibrant city that embraces events. From summer music festivals to winter markets, food and wine festivals and cultural or sporting events, there is something for everyone.

Adventures - City, Coast & Country

There’s enough to explore in Geelong itself with its stunning Waterfront, whimsical bollards, landscaped botanic gardens and a variety of amazing experiences. But due to its convenient location near the bush and the beach, Geelong is the gateway to many more adventures.