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Formal and Casual Aussie Communication

Cat got your tongue? Lost for words? Tongue-tied? Confused?

Anyone who has ever answered the question ‘How’s it going mate?’ with the response ‘I’m going down to the shops’ instead of ‘I’m well, thanks’ knows what we’re talking about. Aussie lingo is a weird and wonderful thing!

In April Study Geelong hosted the Aussie Communication Boot Camp, a free, fun social night of communication skills activities and language tips and tricks for the workplace.

A fun video about Aussie slang started off the event followed by an interactive game show. Then it was time for a bit of language theory and live acting of skits explaining formal versus casual communication. The students' knowledge was then applied through a fun word card matching game. Tips on body language, personal space & handshakes was given and then the students practised what they had learnt through engaging in conversation with each other.

The event provided the opportunity for International students to develop their formal and casual speaking skills, meet some local Australian and international students, and share some pizza!

View the video below that shows 3 examples of speaking casually and formally. See if you can work out which is casual and which is formal and which way of speaking is most appropriate for each situation.



Job Information Session

Paid or unpaid internships or volunteering can also be a great way to get exposure in your field of study.Volunteering is also a great way to give back to the community and make friends.

But do you know where to look for a job? Do you know your work rights? Do you know what employers expect of workers in Australia?

In August Study Geelong ran a jobs information session that helped answer these questions.

Resources from the session are below. Just click on the item to download.